1L Not Arguing Exams Comparable To Life As Refugee, But Not Denying It Either

Princeton, NJ. As first year law students begin their second week of final exams, Andrew Greene, a 1L at Princeton Law, made several comments that raised eyebrows among his peers.

“Now that the library is open 24/7, I haven’t been back home in over 2 days. I haven’t showered and I made a bed out of discarded outlines from the trash pile. I’m just saying I don’t really feel like a first world citizen,” complained Greene as several students looked on incredulously.

A 3L, who wished to remain anonymous, derided Greene’s comments. “I heard him explaining how he gets most of his food passed to him now from benevolent strangers. But he was just talking about the Seamless delivery guys. I can’t believe this guy.”

When asked for comment by Burden of Persuasion reporters, Greene did not deny that he made the comments, but said only “Look, I only see the sunlight through cracks in an iron fence encircling this compound. And the Wi-Fi keeps breaking every 2 minutes. What else would you compare my situation to?”

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