Above the Law Publishes Another Exposé of Law Firm You’ve Never Heard Of

New York, NY. While the lead-in text claimed an Above the Law article would provide an “unbelievable look” at the “crazy practices” of a “top” law firm, readers confirmed that when they actually clicked through, none of them had ever heard of the firm.

“I mean, it fit the usual formula of having three generically white-sounding names,” explained Ross Stevens, a 1L who still inexplicably reads Above the Law. “But when I compared the firm to Vault or Chambers, it didn’t show up on either list.”

“Honestly, I assume they’re just making up these firms,” said Erica Irvs, a 3L. “They’ll casually mention, in, like, the third paragraph, that the firm is a top 5000 firm. Are there even lists of the top 5000 firms? How could anyone even confirm that?”

The latest exposé on the “prestigious” Newport, Wells, and Durham firm, follows two earlier October articles featuring the firms Bradford, Litchfield, and Ripon and the firm Hove, Bristol, and Sunderland. On further investigation, Burden of Persuasion reporters have confirmed that all above named partners also mysteriously share names with United Kingdom cities.

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