Law Firm Partner Confused by Princeton Law’s Required “Legal Ethics” Class

Princeton, NJ. While conducting recent interviews for a summer associate, John Landon expressed confusion over a common class found on my applicant’s transcripts.
“Professional Responsibility: Legal Ethics?” Landon questioned one student. “Why would you ever take that class?”
After learning that the class was required for graduation, Landon’s puzzlement only grew. “You mean you have to take this class? On doing the right thing? Is the right thing just what the client wants? It’s not always just what the client wants? Ok, I’m sorry, you’ve lost me.”
While speaking to several students the partner engaged in erratic behavior ranging from requesting the students pull up the class syllabus on his iPad to asking one student “this is a joke right? You can’t be serious about this?”
“Honestly the whole thing is a bit beyond me,” explained Landon after the conclusion of his final interview. “I think the real solution here is to just try and hire the students with the lowest grade possible in the class. I mean, we’ll just have to un-teach them everything they learned in that class anyway.”

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