Law Professors Can’t Wait to End Grueling 4-Hour Work Weeks

Princeton, NJ. Barry Andrews, a Contracts professor at Princeton Law School, confirms that “[professors] can’t wait to end their busy spring semester and begin summer vacation.”

“This whole term has just dragged on,” complained Professor Andrews. “I mean, I’m teaching Contracts every week. Twice a week! This term cannot end soon enough.”

When asked for comment, other professors agreed with Professor Andrews’ statement. “I mean, I thought teaching a seminar wouldn’t be that bad,” said one professor who requested anonymity. “But seeing my students for two entire hours every week just reminds me of how two hours is just two hours too many.”

When Burden of Persuasion reporters pressed the professors on summer plans, answers seemed to include only vague plans to “write something.”

“Students think that all we do is spend time teaching, but I spend a lot of time writing too,” explained an evidence professor. “writing grocery lists, writing tax forms justifying massages as a business expense, just a lot of writing. A former TA asked for a clerkship recommendation letter, but that’s just too much writing when I’m spending over twenty minutes a day with a pen in my hand.”

Students also expressed excitement for the summer when they would only be expected to work a light 40 hour work-week, the lightest work load they can expect in their legal career.

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