Lone 1L Still Trying To Sell Civ Pro Textbook

Princeton, NJ. Several sources have confirmed that Princeton Law 1L, Andrew Wallace, has continued to send out multiple emails offering to sell his civ pro textbook.


“Does this guy not get that this is definitely the wrong audience?” asked 3L, Emma Ramirez. “We’ve all taken this course! Sure, some of us had Neuborne, but still. It counts.”


Wallace, whose latest email promised an “unprecedented $15 off!” his earlier asking price, remains oblivious to the brewing controversy. “Maybe people are reluctant to buy because of the highlighting?” he was heard asking himself. “But I got an A- so my highlighting would probably be helpful to another law student.”


“At this point, I’m almost tempted to buy it just to end this series of emails,” explained a 2L, who requested anonymity. “But I don’t want to encourage the 1Ls. I need to prepare them to deal with disappointment now, otherwise they’ll never make it through on-campus recruiting.”

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