NFL Busted For “Massive” Human Trafficking Ring

New York, NY. The Department of Justice issued a press release in conjunction with early-morning raids at the National Football League headquarters in New York. The press statement expands on a four-year investigation into a human trafficking ring run by the NFL.


“Allegations of trafficking first came to light in 2011 when an insider leaked that the NFL was looking into ‘drafting’ several hundred individuals into their trafficking ring. While most of these names remain confidential to protect the victims, two brave individuals, Cameron Newton and Julio Jones, have agreed to come forward and testify to the NFL’s activities.


“We believe the human trafficking had several components including these annual drafts where different wealthy individuals selected “fresh meat” for their entertainment and a “free market” for older individuals, fetching prices of up to $127.6 million.


“When sufficient individual numbers had been reached, these “teams” were forced to fight each other, weekly. The level of human depravity involved is truly sickening. Even now, many of the older “players” maintain a Stockholm-like allegiance to their teams.


“Today, we were able to execute several search warrants this morning, seizing several hundred documents held by the NFL. We have charged several executives with multiple counts of human trafficking, and do not rule out charging several more individuals in the days to come.”

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