Tax Lawyer Dreading April 16th Return to Normalcy

Princeton, NJ. Andrew Miller, a Princeton Law tax lawyer specializing in international tax policy, expressed disappointment that, come Apil 16th, he would lose the level of celebrity status he had come to expect in the past month.


Miller, whose general standard of living consists of free day-old bagels in the faculty lounge, expressed reluctance to return to his post-tax-day life. “I mean, sure I love my research and teaching, but for the past month I was living the life of a rock star,” Miller explained. “I was getting invited to lunches and dinners by friends and acquaintances who wanted tax advice. I was receiving up to 65 emails a day. I was invited to speak about the issue on NPR!”


“He’ll get used to it eventually,” said a colleague of Miller’s, who teaches 1L Criminal Law. “I remember my first brush with celebrity when I appeared on This Week in Review to talk about the OJ Simpson trial. I still get phone calls whenever a big criminal trial comes up. But you have to get used to the roller coaster of academia. It’s our burden to bear.”

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