Wildly Optimistic 3L Already RSVP’d Yes For 2 July Weddings

PRINCETON, NJ. In a move her friends “could only describe as ‘bold’”, Princeton Law 3L Jenny Lee has already confirmed her attendance at two separate July weddings, a time normally reserved for bar studying.

“I know every summer my Newsfeed is filled with the panicked anguish of law students before me. But I really think I’ll be different,” said the hopelessly misguided Lee to reporters when pressed on the subject.

The completely oblivious 3L continued, “I mean, I’m just going to treat it like a job. Every day, I’ll work 9-5. I’ll probably have time to make it to some happy hours too!”

Lee remained blindly cheerful in the face of a Sisyphean-like status bar and painful lecture videos described as “worse than a 3 hour lecture given by Gilbert Gottfried.” “Look, if I can make it through a 20 footnote C&S, I’m sure I can handle a few videos!”

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